Marius in the 20th century

Confirmed reports of Marius sightings first came to the public’s attention during the course of the Spanish Russian war of 1903. Though this theatre of war tends to be overlooked by most historians – and indeed some contending it was little more than a short series of skirmishes – it does nevertheless present us with the first confirmed photographic evidence of Marius on the European mainland.

Military officials at the time did remarkably poor in trying to explain the presence of Marius’ graceful stature, and in the aftermath his very existence appears to have been wholly denied by the powers that be. We can speculate that Marius may have played a vital role in the war effort – initial reports had him associated with auxiliary support unit – but any verification of this claim must await the declassification of military history records that at the time of writing will remain unavailable for public scrutiny until 2047.

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